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Medicare Planning & Enrollment Insurtech

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At Greenhill Management, we are committed to providing insurance agents with the comprehensive Medicare options and enrollment solutions necessary to assist their clients in making informed decisions about their Medicare coverage. Our focus is on offering a wide array of insurance products tailored to meet the diverse needs of Medicare beneficiaries.

We understand the complexities of today's highly regulated CMS marketplace, and we take pride in offering solutions that ensure compliance and success for Medicare agents. With our support, you'll have access to the tools and resources needed to navigate the Medicare landscape confidently.

Our relationship with our agents goes beyond business – we consider you part of our family. Just like family, we are always here to support you when you need us most.

With sincerity and dedication, we stand ready to empower you to excel in serving your clients' Medicare needs. By partnering with Greenhill Management, you gain a trusted ally committed to your success.

Connect with us today and experience the difference that a true partnership can make. The sooner you join our family, the sooner we can begin helping you make a meaningful impact on your clients' lives through Medicare enrollment.

Welcome to Greenhill Management – where your success is our priority.

Here's the Medicare options you need to know about:

Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans, known as Part D, are standalone plans offered by Medicare-approved private insurers to add prescription drug coverage to Original Medicare, some Medicare Cost Plans, some Medicare Private-Fee-for-Service (PFFS) Plans, and Medicare Medical Savings Account (MSA) Plans. These plans cover the cost of prescription drugs, vaccines, and some over-the-counter medications when prescribed by a doctor. Part D plans are necessary for anyone on Medicare who wants coverage for their prescription medications. They're particularly important for those who regularly take prescription drugs and want to lower their medication costs. It's also a critical component for those with Original Medicare or a Medicare Health Plan that does not include prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Advantage Plan

Medicare Advantage Plans, also known as Medicare Part C, are an alternative to Original Medicare offered by private companies approved by Medicare. These plans provide all of your Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance) coverage and usually include Medicare prescription drug coverage (Part D) as well. Many plans offer additional benefits like dental, vision, and hearing care. Medicare Advantage Plans are ideal for individuals looking for an all-in-one package that covers hospital visits, general medical care, and often prescription drugs and other services. They're a good fit for those comfortable with the plan's network of doctors and hospitals and seeking potentially lower out-of-pocket costs.

Medicare Supplement (Medigap)

Medicare Supplement Insurance, often called Medigap, is additional insurance you can buy from a private company to pay health care costs not covered by Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). These costs include things like copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. Medigap policies do not cover long-term care, vision or dental care, hearing aids, eyeglasses, or private-duty nursing. You must have Medicare Part A and Part B to purchase a Medigap policy. It's suitable for individuals who want extra coverage to help pay out-of-pocket costs that Original Medicare doesn't cover. It's also beneficial for those who frequently need medical services and want to minimize their direct expenses.
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