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About Us

Greenhill Management was founded in 1976 by M.C. Greenhill. M.C. Greenhill started the company with a vision to provide exceptional investment management services to clients. In 1984, M.C.'s son, Mike Greenhill, took over the operations of the company, continuing his father's legacy and leading the firm to new heights.

Mike Greenhill

Mike Greenhill, pictured here, played a pivotal role in the growth and success of Greenhill Management. He brought his expertise and dedication to the company, further establishing its reputation as a respected investment management firm. Sadly, in December of 2022, Mike Greenhill passed away, leaving the reins of Greenhill Management to his daughter, Lindsey Greenhill Goolsby.

Lindsey Greenhill Goolsby

Lindsey, who has inherited her father's passion for investment management, now serves as the President of Greenhill Management, an Integrity company. She is determined to carry forward the legacy of her father and grandfather, and continue to lead the firm with integrity and excellence.

Under Lindsey's leadership, Greenhill Management remains committed to providing top-notch services and support to their agents and clients, upholding the values of integrity, professionalism, and exceptional service that have been the hallmarks of the firm since its inception. The firm is well-positioned to continue its success and deliver outstanding results to its clients under the leadership of Lindsey Greenhill Goolsby. 

Lindsey Greenhill Goolsby


Laurie Godfrey

Contracting Manager

Kim Ingram

Director of Medicare Sales

The Greenhill Team

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